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Gan Craft

Gan Craft Ripple Claw 178

Gan Craft Ripple Claw 178

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Joining the family of Gan Craft’s successful line of hard body, jointed-swimbaits, the Gan Craft Ripple Claw 178 has finally arrived on US shores.  Featuring a single-jointed construction and a durable lexan lip, it creates a pronounced, V-shaped wake across the surface, as well as, a high impact sound on the retrieve. The combination aggravates big bass below, generating violent topwater strikes.  The Ripple Claw can also be cranked just below the surface, which produces an erratic wobbling action to give bass a different look. 

The Ripple Claw features Gan Craft’s signature Real Face and Real Form finishes as well, which provides an extremely lifelike baitfish appearance.  Also equipped with a soft, replaceable tail for added realism, each Ripple Claw 178 is armed with sticky sharp Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks to make the most of every blow up.  The Ripple Claw also features a replaceable lip to give you confidence that you will get a lifetime of use out of this bait.  When you’re targeting smart, trophy-sized bass, the Gan Craft Ripple Claw delivers the deadly action and incredible detailing that Japanese lures are known for. 

This has been an incredible Crank Down bait as well, fishing it over grass or brush or along rip rap and docks has been incredibly effective!

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Ripple Claw 7" 1.6oz Wake


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