Megabass Vision 110

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Introduced in the fall of 2000, the VISION ONETEN immediately captured the imagination of American anglers, setting a new standard for jerk baits. Designed by Yuki Ito for anglers in the United States, the ONETEN has emerged as the "go-to" jerk bait amongst touring pros, continuing to produce big fish and big checks on all major US circuits. The ONETEN is a slow floater controlled by Megabass's tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System(PAT.), which allows for superior castability and sharp action. Designed to produce with a steady retrieve or traditional "jerk, jerk, pause," the ONETEN responds to rod actions with unparalleled life-like action. Equipped with MEGABASS original KATSUAGE OUT-BARB HOOKS, you will no longer let fish get away.