Megabass Grenade

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Weight: 1 5/8oz. Length: 3.75in.

The GRENADE is a monster shallow-crank designed to target big fish with explosive action, speed and effectiveness. Imposing body profile and huge volume displacement moves a massive amount of water, sending strong signals to predator’s lateral line. Powerful wide-wobbling action creates unique water disturbance that amplifies GRENADE’s presence, becoming extremely effective in low light or stained water conditions. Low center of gravity weight settings result in consistent retrieves, and extremely stable flight posture for an average of 0ver 50 yards of casting distance. The magnum sized GRENADE shallow crank allows anglers to cover water quickly and efficiently, targeting kicker fish with its big body and hard, wide-wobbling action. 

Extra wide, hard wobbling action + big body

Achieves a massive 50 yards casting distance