Megabass Flap Slap

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Modeled after the Threadfin Shad, one of the favorite baitfish of US waters, the Flap Slap is one of the most versatile lures in the Megabass lineup and one of the few all-year-round producers on the market. Featuring Megabass’ internal Shaft Balancer System (PAT.), the Flap Slap always returns to its center of gravity, allowing the Flap Slap to be burned at high speeds or even worked with hard snaps of the rod. 

The built-in Megabass Shaft Balancer System (PAT.) is adapted from the Vision 95, and gives the Flap Slap a unique, rolling action that can mimic an injured baitfish. The unique design of the Flap Slap allows you to fish it with a steady or stop-and-go retrieve like a conventional crankbait, or with the distinctive jerks associated with lures like the Vision 110. Through each retrieve style/speed, the balancer system keeps the Flap Slap running true, allowing for distinct presentations. 

The Flap Slap will work in a variety of situations, but some of the most ideal are around rocky banks, riprap, and over submerged grass beds. Water visibilities of 1 to 5 ft. and water temps from 40 to 90 degrees have proven particularly effective for the Flap Slap.

The Flap Slap will run about 3 to 5 ft. deep, and is best fished on Megabass Dragon Call line, in tests from 10 to 20lbs., depending upon the desired depth and cover type to be fished.

We recommend the Orochi F4-66X4 for this bait. The Flap Slap casts well with both rods, and the fiberglass blank allow for maximum cranking performance, while the F4-66X4’s Active Matrix graphite/carbon blank will allow for sharp feel and the ability to impart better action.