Megabass Deep Six

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The DEEP-SIX was designed to trigger bites at depths of 16-20ft, igniting the feeding instincts of monsters in the deep.

This extreme depth is made possible by a super-thin, highly-flexible lip that slices through current, and maintains the ideal balance required for a steep dive-angle. During casts, the tungsten balancer of the renowned Multiway Moving Balancer System (PAT.) moves to the rear, positioning DEEP-SIX tail-first to maximize aerodynamics and casting distance. As soon as DEEP-SIX hits the water, the balancer positions itself behind the lip to increase the dive angle so you get down to target depth even quicker. 

When DEEP-SIX contacts bottom, structure, or is twitched, the balancer is released from its dive position and is free to move from side-to-side, adding another variable that drives irresistible, unpredictable deflections. Furthermore, even if DEEP-SIX levels out at its maximum depth without hitting bottom, the change in lure angle releases the tungsten balancer, which subtly changes DEEP-SIX's action from a tighter wobble to more of a wider, rolling action.