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Gan Craft

Gan Craft REST 108 Slow Floating

Gan Craft REST 108 Slow Floating

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Length: 108mm (4.3in)
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Slow Floating   

Range: 1.5m (5ft)

Gan Craft REST is designed to catch spooky fish by its realistic bait fish shape and outstanding features developed by Gan Craft pro anglers. The movement of this bait is just like the Japanese sweet fish, and this effective fish like movement has been well proved all over the world. The maximum depth of REST108 for straight retrieve is about 1.5m (5.0ft). Gan Craft team worked on the very detail parts over body shape, structure, lip shape, and weight balance to minimize the water resistance, make the best rolling action, and eliminate the sound presence of lines, so that it leads target fish to misunderstand that the lure is swimming by itself. Unique “HAMI dart” that stimulates instinct of target fish is realized by the long lip rubbing against the structures such as bottom, rocks, and standing trees. In order to make the best performance, the long lip provides the high snagless performance, allowing to attack tightly around the structure. 3 hook system is adopted to supports short bites from the cold winter to early spring. In addition, Magnetic center of gravity movement system achieved an overwhelming flight distance.

This is a hard cutting, aggresive moving jerk bait that will trigger both active and lethargic fish into striking.  Fish it with the rod tip up in shallow water to keep it from diving and take advantage of the side to side travel you can create with this lure.  Tip down and long casts with thin diameter lines to get it down deeper!

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