Big Bass Dreams Limited Edition Megabass I-Slide 262T

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Length: 10 1/3 in.

Weight: 6oz.

Type: Slow-Sinking

Bigger & better.

The I-SLIDE 262T is designed for a wide, meandering “S” swimming motion with a steady retrieve, luring in targets with its nonchalant action. With rod action, the 262T will walk left and right underwater to incite predators. When killed, the 262T will slide wide left or wide right.

Equipped with double split-rings so trophies can’t gain enough leverage to throw hooks during the fight, the I-SLIDE 262T will bring your hard-won trophy home.

Hook Setting:

Recommended hook settings vary with tackle set up and size and species of target fish.

I-SLIDE 262T comes equipped with durable thick-gauge hooks to handle most applications. Please note that while replacing with thinner gauge hooks will increase penetration, any changes to hooks and split rings will affect the sink rate. Therefore, we recommend using weight strips when necessary.

TAIL Setting:

I-SLIDE series require straight tail to perform proper swimming action.

Please take care to protect the tail when not in use, either by removing for storage, or safeguarding in other ways.

Type Setting:

I-SLIDE 262T is tuned to slow sink in water temperature between 50F - 59F.

As water temperatures rise, the I-SLIDE 262T will change into a suspend/slow-floating type.

We recommend applying weight strips when necessary, or adjusting hook/split ring settings.

Please note the I-SLIDE 262T is carefully tuned for horizontal swimming posture. When changing weight settings, please take care to add weight evenly and keep I-SLIDE horizontal in the water. This will allow maximum performance.

"Fish this lure with erratic, snappy twitches of the rod.  This creates a wide, sharp turning gliding motion that is unmatched.  The F10-80XX Leviathan is the perfect rod to throw this on." - Oliver Ngy

*Extremely Limited Run of Numbered and signed baits*