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Ryan Miller is a man of many talents, but his love for giant bass stands above all else. Hailing from Upstate New York, Ryan DREAMS of clashing with record smallmouth and giant greenheads. Always on the search, hunting and taking in the experience of the unknowns that each day on the water brings. Bass is not the only thing that Ryan seeks out.. Trophy NY state perch are also on his radar in the “off” season. A multi-species angler like Ryan, in New York is a deadly combination that is on course for a clash of leviathans that roam the waters in the North, no matter the species.
When Ryan isn’t on the water, and not saving lives as a fulltime FireFighter, He is honing his skills in the kitchen with dishes that would send Gordon Ramsey home with second helpings.

“I discovered my passion for fishing after reconnecting with an old lacrosse coach/teacher from high school who is a nationally ranked walleye angler. I used the knowledge passed onto me through his team, and translated it to the bass world. This allowed me to transition baits and presentations to bass that they may have never seen before, which has helped me find success. ”