Zero for 15 Tarpon wrangler

Terrible videographer

34" Personal Best Walleye

Received 22 red cards in soccer career

Jeremy Pratt is a pure fisherman with a relentless passion for catching trophy fish. Jeremy grew up fishing for redfish on ultralight gear in the intercoastal waterways of Florida as a young boy. Jeremy then joined the St. Johns Bass Anglers bass club as a 14 year old and enjoyed fishing tournaments all around florida with the club. He is most known for pioneering fishing big swimbaits for trophy bass in the southeast. A 14, two over 13, and three over 12.5 pounds rounds out his biggest six largemouth bass. After receiving a B.S. in Environmental Science at Appalachian State University, Jeremy moved north where a passion chasing northern largemouth and smallmouth bass began! Today, Jeremy is excited to create content and take clients on big bass personal training sessions all around the country!