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Don’t tell me sky's the limit when we put people on the moon

I have lived in central California my whole life. Bass fishing at an early age really taught me to be patient in the process and appreciate my surroundings. Being loyal to the soil and walking banks for miles just to reach a spot was very enjoyable to experience as a young kid/teen. I ended up not being into bass fishing for some time as I had grown up to do. It wasn't until July 2021 when I bought my first boat (1986 starcraft powered by a 50hp Mercury two stroke) and my bass chasing really began from there. I started reading, observing, listening and fine-tuning soft plastics as I was intrigued by Japanese culture. I felt behind in the fishing scene so there was only one thing to do, that was to get out there and start casting and adapting to elements on the lake. I don't feel there has ever been a day since then that I haven't done something related to bass fishing.

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