Megabass Magdraft 10"

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Magdraft 10”


At 10” and 6.2oz, the MAGDRAFT 10” is a beast of a swimbait, meticulously designed, for a thumping tail action that travels through the body, giving the head a subtle side-to-side shimmy that sends vibrations through the water column. Built for trophies, the MAGDRAFT is equipped with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hook for decisive hook-ups and control. 

Equipped with a belly slit to bury the hook, and a patented MAG-HOLD SYSTEM to keep it in place, the big treble hooks doesn’t get in the way of MAGDRAFT’s natural swimming motion. Futhermore, by keeping the hook tight to the body, it hides the treble from wary predators.


MAGHOLD System (PAT.P) is designed to minimize the visual presence of large hooks through the magnetic force of built-in Neodymium Magnets, keeping them aligned against the body for a more natural profile, smoother action, and surer hooksets. 

In the quest for ever-larger bites, many swimbait anglers attempt custom modifications to maximize the realism of both profile and action. For this reason, Megabass designed the MAGHOLD system, which delivers the higher hooking-percentage of trebles without resorting to burying the hook, all while hiding the unnatural shape of hooks from view.

"Steady retrieve at desired depth range is how I like to fish this BIG soft bait.  The tail thumps really well and excels in low light and less visibility.  Fishes perfectly on the new F9-711C Leviathan 711" - Oliver Ngy